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5100 Jászberény, Necső street 1.

Telefon : +36 57 413-413 Telefax : +36 57 411-281

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Jász-Plasztik Ltd. is a company concerning with plastic processing, tool making and production of batteries since 17 years, and during this period it has gained a firm position among the forefront of the certain industries.

The Ltd. was established by four partners in May, 1990. That time the company’s main activity was the plastic processing and tool design and making, but soon – after about 4 years – its range of activity has enlarged with the production of different types of batteries and other productional and commercial branches too. By now the number of the workers has increased from 20 (as it was at the beginning) to 1500; this ascending tendency clearly shows the linear progress of the company. The reason of this progress is on one hand the high quality of the products and on the other hand is the aspiration of the company to accommodate in any cases to the constantly shifting demands of the market; therefore the Ltd. performs continuous improvements in its activity.

The quality and therefore the competitiveness of our products is greatly influenced by the quality and modernity of the built in components. Therefore all procedures of the company are fully compatible to the quality standards of ISO 9001 and to the environmental standards of ISO 14001 .